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Aluminium Ute Tray

Boss Heavy Duty Construction For The Ultimate Aluminium Ute Tray

Tray Design

Our Aluminium Ute Trays come in two versions, premium and M-Spec. Both are extremely durable and built to the same quality however the Premium Tray offers a few extra options such as a sheet metal headboard which opens up extra functionality, tapered under body boxes, larger under tray draw, fuel filler through the side of the tray and extra customization to allow it to be tailored to your needs.

M-Spec and Premium Trays do have a lot of cross functionality, you do not sacrifice quality when selecting an M-Spec Tray. As with all M-Spec products the M-Spec tray is fully modular, under body boxes can be added along with many other features.

Aluminium Tray Construction

Made here in Australia from superior-grade aluminium, our aluminium trays are strong, corrosion resistant, and built to last. All Boss Trays are aluminium and have been constructed in a way that allows them to take a beating. Built to last in the tough Australian conditions with over 20 years of development and product refining.

Every Boss Alloy Tray is backed with a lifetime workmanship warranty so you can rest easy knowing your trays construction is second to none.

Designed to last and provide the maximum usable storage possible both M-Spec and Premium Trays are some of the best in the industry.

Full Tray

A full aluminium ute tray includes a headboard and tray sides. This is recommended for when you don’t plan on running a canopy full time.

Flatbed Tray

A flatbed tray allows for a larger canopy by not having a headboard. Flatbed trays are for those wanting to run a canopy fulltime.

Double Skinned Tray Sides

Our tray sides are designed with an inner and outer skin which adds integral strength as well as practical functionality. This design prevents bowing if you tie down your load over the top of the tray sides and provides an extra layer of protection from gear inside the tray.

Railside vs Cleanside

M-Spec Trays are available in 2 styles which completely change the functionality. Standard is our Railside which has rope rails along the side of the tray. The rope rails provide superior tie-down capability and our distinctive Classic Tray aesthetic.

We also have an optional Cleanside design with flush mount tie points mounted in the deck. Cleanside allows for slightly larger under body boxes and higher mud guards.

M-Spec Ute Tray Modules

M-Spec Modules are what you can use to modify your tray design or upgrade it in the future. We have a large variety of modules available for our M-Spec Tray range, the pricing can be found in the M-Spec Price List.

CAD Designed

Our in-house design team use state of the art technology to ensure all our trays are millimetre perfect.

Maximum Tray Storage

Absolutely no space is wasted, we maximise the space of under body boxes and our under tray draw by keeping it simple.

 Premium Tray Lights

All aluminium ute trays come standard with premium tail lights which not only look good but perform exceptionally well.

Customizable Aluminium Ute Trays

All Boss Trays can be built to suit your needs. Our M-Spec range provides you with components that can be added in the future due to its modular design.

Tough Powder Coat

Our durable powder coating embeds the paint into the surface giving the protection you need to ensure your Boss Tray continues to look good.

Aluminium Ute Canopy

Modular aluminium ute canopy range will easily future proof your setup.

Canopy Design

We aim for you to keep this aluminium canopy forever, our design is timeless and suits any vehicle.


Aluminium canopies can be light, however without the correct design the structure can be flawed. Over the last 20 years we have come up with a design which optimises strength without adding an enormous amount of weight.

Lifetime Warranty

All Boss Aluminium Ute Canopies are backed with a lifetime workmanship warranty, we are extremely confident in the construction of all Boss Canopies.


We offer a range of packages which can be found in the M-Spec Catalogue. These are popular layouts and will also provide you with significant cost saving.

Half Canopy

An aluminium half canopy is large enough to fit accessories such as a fridge or a draw system and provides you with a good amount of usable tray space.

1900W X 765L (mm) For Dual Cab*

1850W X 765L (mm) For LC79 Dual Cab

Note: Sizing may change to suit vehicle/tray

Starting from $5500

From 85KG

3/4 Canopy

The perfect inbetweener and our most popular dual cab canopy size. We recommend an aluminium 3/4 canopy for those who wish to run spare wheels or jerry can holders on the back as it brings the weight forward and onto the tray.

1900W X 1460L (mm) For Dual Cab*

1850W X 1460L (mm) For LC79 Dual Cab

Note: Sizing may change to suit vehicle/tray

Starting from $7500

From 144KG

Full Canopy

For maximum storage inside of the canopy. Perfect for complete fitouts keeping your tools and other gear locked away and secure.

1900W X 1800L (mm) For Dual Cab*

1850W X 1800L (mm) For LC79 Dual Cab

Note: Sizing may change to suit vehicle/tray

Starting from $8500

From 170KG

What is an M-Spec Ute Canopy?

Gone are the days of permanent installations on your aluminium ute canopy or tray. Want a new fridge or need more storage? Simply unbolt your old components and bolt the new ones in. Our M-Spec Aluminium Ute Trays also have this feature.

M-Spec is over 20 years of research, development and experience that has been put together to create one of the best aluminium ute canopy and tray solutions on the market.

2020 Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Full Build Rundown | Boss Aluminium – Boss Built

Heavy Duty Construction

One thing you will notice about all our aluminium canopies is the reinforcements that we build into the canopy. We have reinforced doors to prevent warping or twisting under force and a canopy which is strong enough to easily take your weight and more.

M-Spec Ute Canopy Modules

M-Spec modules are what make the M-Spec Range possible. Our range includes complete modular 12v solutions, fridge slides, draws, roof racks, spare wheel carriers, jerry can holders and many more.

 Ultra Secure Canopy Locking System

Ultra strong 3 point compression locking system combined with strengthened doors prevents intruders getting inside your Boss Canopy.

Tough Powder Coating

Our durable powder coating embeds the paint into the surface giving the protection you need to ensure your Aluminium Ute Canopy continues to look good.


Wherever you are in Australia, Boss Aluminium can help you get more from your work or leisure vehicle. Contact us today to discuss your solutions!