Kulkyne RTT Pillow Top Sleeping Bag



RTT – Pillow Top Sleeping Bag

Part Number: KKRTTSB

Pillow Top Mattress for your Roof Top Tent

The standard mattress in a Roof Top Tent isn’t always the most comfortable – that’s why we’ve developed a Pillow Top Mattress & Sleeping Bag all in one. Increasing your comfort and making sure you get a good night’s rest.

How It Works?

Our New RTT Sleeping bag has a layer of 40mm comfort foam built into it. When you connect it to your existing Roof Top Tent high density mattress it transforms into a Pillow Top Mattress with plenty of comfort and support. Our ultra-high quality sleeping bag also adds an extra layer of comfort! The support given by your existing roof top tent mattress is fine, but by adding our 40mm of comfort foam it will also conform to the shape of your body, relaxing you and helping you sleep.

How Good is the Sleeping Bag?

This Roof Top Tent sleeping bag is based off our successful swag sleeping bags which feature 4 different temperature ratings in one sleeping bag. This allows you to have a -10 bag in winter and a +15 bag in summer, with +5 and -5 ratings for in-between weather. This ensures whatever the season, you’ll have a great nights sleep, and it’s also made to suit your mattress size.

  • Sleep in the winter position and you get a snug -10 degree rating;
  • Sleep in the autumn position and you get a warm nights sleep without being too hot;
  • Zip out the inner and you’ll get a beautiful nights sleep in mild weather without being too hot or too cold!
  • Use the summer sheet only and you can have a comfortable nights sleep even in summer. This is where other high quality bags struggle, they keep you warm in winter but cook you in summer!

This sleeping bag also features 100% cotton material on the inside of the swag so it breathes and doesn’t irritate your skin! With this sleeping bag we’ve considered it all!

What size RTT does it fit?

Nearly all 2 person roof top tents on the market are a standard size. This means our RRT Pillow Top & Sleeping Bag should fit nearly any 2 person RTT (other brands may not close with the Sleeping bag inside) . If you measure your existing RTT mattress and its 2360mm long x 1440mm wide or very close to it, our new Pillow Top/Sleeping Bag will fit.