Offroad Systems Storage Solutions


OffRoad Systems. The 4WD storage specialists of premium storage drawer systems.

Whether you’re a caravaner, weekend camper or setting up for that long trip, OffRoad Systems has designs to suit any application, including drawer systems with integrated stainless steel water tanks, Cargo barriers, & portable fridges & fridge slides to suit most models, right up to the Waeco 80 & 110 litre.

Our new** Superlight Series ** uses a combination of an aluminium drawer and frame, as well as a highly developed, lightweight, waterproof plywood to dramatically reduce the weight of our already light systems, without compromising strength. In the wake of rising fuel costs and the need to reduce the stress that a vehicle endures whilst touring, we realise that it is essential to keep the weight that a vehicle is carrying, to a minimum. This is why we developed the Superlight Series. Even with the reduced weight of our Superlight Series, they are still rated to carry the same load as our galvanised steel systems. The Superlight Series drawers can be used in both our Two Drawer and Fridgepack configurations.


All systems are upholstered in marine grade carpet and have removable drawer liners for easy cleaning. The system was designed to be removed simply and easily, and can be taken out of the car with one spanner in less than 30 minutes. In most cases our systems mount to existing holes used for tie down hooks or child restraints, eliminating the need to drill new holes in the vehicle. This means that if your want to take the system out to sell the car, you won’t have to deal with unsightly holes drilled into the floor. If you are putting off buying a system because you are thinking of upgrading your car, don’t. All of our systems are interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle. For a small fee, we will replace the top, base, locks and wings to suit your new vehicle.

Systems are available for all models of four wheel drive, including Landcruisers and Patrols, Prados, Pajeros, Hilux, Troop-Carrier, Navara, Rodeo, Jackaroo, Surf and 4Runner, Discovery, Defender, Forester, and many more, including custom set-ups.


At Offroad systems, we aren’t just about building drawers. We are about entire vehicle storage solutions. This is why we sell a full range of storage and safety equipment such as Fridge Slides, Cargo Barriers, Stainless Steel Water Tanks, Cargo Barrier Shelves, as well as other useful items such as our Drawer Top Table, Traveler Table and Car Back Kitchen


The premium OffRoad System storage drawer systems are made from high quality materials.

Aluminium Frame & Drawers

The aluminium drawer system is constucted the same as the galvanised steel system, however we have increased the guage of the aluminium to compensate for the strength difference – The Result, an equally strong system with a 30% weight reduction.


Marine Carpet Upholstery

Mounting baseboard, Topdeck, sidestorage compartments & drawer fronts are all made using lightweight waterproof structural plywood, upholstered with marine carpet

Marine Carpet Drawer Liners

The drawers are fitted with a formed’ marine carpet liner which is fully removable & is held in place with a decorative retaining strip. If you encounter a spill in the drawer, it is an easy matter of removing the liner, giving it a wash, let dry & simply refit. Good as new!

Steel Ball BearingSlides

The drawer unit is fitted with heavy duty self-contained, over extension ball bearing slides. The slides have a smooth easy action & are almost silent in operation.

One of the significant design features of this type of slide is that it enables the entire drawer to extend from the drawer housing. Unlike most of the other systems available whereby a good portion of the drawer is retained within the drawer housing, our system allows you to access all of the contents of the drawer without having to unpack part of the drawer to get to items in the back of the drawer.

Anti Rattle Drawer Retainers

Each drawer slide has its own rubber “keeper” which engages when the drawer is returned to its home position. This “Keeper” plays 2 roles, firstly to shock absorb the return of the drawer & secondly to secure the runner in its rest position to prevent the possibility of any rattle.

Keyed Alike Locks

The heavy-duty locks used have a 9mm coated steel bolt & alloy body, once again chosen for strength & long term life. The locks fitted to the drawers of any one car are keyed alike so only one key is necessary for both (or all) drawers. All keys are numbered & back up keys are kept in stock in the event of replacements being necessary.



You will notice that the OffRoad Systems Storage Drawer System is clean & uncluttered in its design. There are no boltheads, no hinge knuckles, no screw heads, no checker plate, no obstructions of any kind on the top deck to scratch or imprint on anything you load into the car during its day to day operation. Your car has to be serviceable through the week as well, not only for camping trips.


Side Storage Compartments

Each drawer system is specifically designed to suit to particular vehicle and in most cases there is an area on each side of drawer system behind the wheel arches that needs to be accessed for various reasons such as vehicle jack & or tool kit access. The drawer system incorporates removable side panels on either side of the top deck in order to access these compartments as well as providing valuable additional storage space. All space should be usable!

Quality Construction

The OffRoad Systems Storage Drawer System is manufactured using ultra modern CNC (computerised) equipment. This type of manufacturing process enables us to achieve a level of “Build” quality that is second to none. Dimensioning, alignment, design & fit are all controlled to extremely fine tolerances to ensure the very best finished product. The drawers when fitted have no gaps around the drawer fronts & the outer framework of the drawer system is sealed so dust entry is eliminated from the drawers themselves when closed.


Installs Using Existing Anchor Points

Most modern 4WD vehicles are equipped with at least 4 tie down anchor point in the rear cargo area. These points are pre determined to be load bearing & it is these points that are utilised to mount the drawer system. The mounting baseboard has pre drilled location holes that align with the tie down anchor points of each vehicle model. This enables the drawer system to be fitted with machine thread bolts for security, without the need for any new holes in the vehicle bodywork.


Fully & Easily Removed

The installation of the OffRoad Systems Storage Drawers has been designed such that removal when required is a relatively easy & straightforward process. The full unit can be partially dismantled & fully removed in about 30 minutes by any competent handyperson with a very basic tool kit (usually only 1 or 2 spanners) & re-installed in about the same time.