PCS Custom Storage Systems




Drawer systems have revolutionized the way we use our vehicles and organise for our extended trips. Now there is nothing wrong with a standard 2 drawer system, but having a custom storage system, tailored to how you use the cargo area, and for the items you have truly elevates the entire experience.

From standard side-by-side drawers, fridge stack drawers, canopy fitout, benches, bed bases, side storage slides, fridge platforms, bed extensions and false decks, we have pretty much done it all.

All our systems are hand made using a lightweight marine plywood and covered using a 100% UV resistant solution dyed polyester carpet which is hard wearing and won’t zip or fray.

Utilising industrial drawer runners you can rest assured that these drawers are capable of taking a beating. The main reason we use drawer slides is so we can obtain a full length opening. This means no more do you have to put up with that little thing that fell to the back of the drawer and because it uses bearings, it sits one third recessed in the carcass.

We ensure that our hardware and fittings are sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. We continually look for the next best part or fixture that will further enhance an already beautiful piece of kit.

One of the biggest draw cards we offer our clients is the way we approach their organising issue. That is something you cannot buy in unfortunately. Over the years we have listened to feedback, complaints and praises from people using a whole array of various organising kits. We apply their input and more often than not come up with some pretty cool ideas.

Due to the nature of custom builds and the sheer amount of options we can implement we honestly cannot provide rough quotes.

To find out more about our custom systems or to start the motions of planning your own one, get in touch today and let’s see where this takes us.

Hope to hear from you soon!