The Adventurer Extinguisher



Product Description

Lightweight, easy to use with no maintenance required the ADVENTURER is the perfect fire extinguisher to stow in your boat, 4wd, caravan and camper. With the Adventurer you’ll confidence you’ve got the best fire protection on remote adventures.
Certified for use in marine and rugged environments; the ADVENTURER is safe to use on electricals and all types of household, fuel, gas and oil fires. It’s non-toxic, environmentally safe potassium-based agent leaves no residue (mess to clean up).


  • Length – 235mm
  • Diameter – 80mm
  • Weight – 800gms
  • Discharge Time – 9-12 seconds
  • Expiry 3/26
  • 1 x C Clip Mounting bracket ,screws, wall plugs included

Used on most types of fire

Suitable for most common types of fires you would find in your car, boat, 4WD and small domestic applications such as cooking fires


Easiest to use

Everyone can use the simple push button start. Holding and operating an extinguisher is now easier than ever


Save space and weight

In the boat, car, caravan & 4wd saving space & weight is a massive advantage of Fire One extinguishers


No mess to clean up

Save time and frustration.  There’s no powder storm or residue to clean up and no damage caused to wiring down the track


No Maintenance ever

Product requires no maintenance and has a shelf life of five years after the date of manufacture


Non toxic green agent

Breathe easy. The EPA approved green agent is safe for humans, animals and the environment



  • Marine / Boats
  • Car / 4wds / Fleet vehicles
  • Office / Security
  • Caravan / Camper trailer
  • Kitchen / Shed
  • Machinery / Plant

Suitable for

  • Organic solid fires (surface fires)
  • Combustible liquid Fires
  • Flammable gas fires
  • Cooking fat / oil fires
  • Electrical fires